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i just noticed you can see my ugly mug over the front wheel, im in a wheelchair, you know too lazy to walk, and the broke foot thing, didnt feel like crutchin 5 floors.....:LolLolLolLol:

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the britten bike,
Water cooled 999cc 60 deg V-Twin quad cam 4 stroke.
4 valves per cylinder, belt driven.
Compression ratio 11.3 : 1.
Bore x stroke 98.9mm x 65mm.
Piston, flat top slipper.
Titanium conrods with oil feed to little end.
Titanium valves Inlet Ø40mm Exhaust Ø33mm.
Wet cast iron cylinder sleeves./ opt silicon carbide coated alloy sleeves.
Composite head gaskets.
Back torque dry clutch.
Wet sump. Oil feeds to bigends, gudgon, camshaft lobes & gearbox shafts.
Programmable engine management computer with history facility.
Fuel injection - sequential, 2 injectors per cylinder.
Gearbox, 5 speed constant mesh / opt 6 speed.
Primary ratio 1.97.
Gear ratios 1st 2.5, 2nd 1.77, 3rd 1.38, 4th 1.125, 5th 0.961.
Fully stressed engine with ducted under-seat radiator. Top chassis, girder & swing arm all constructed in carbon/kevlar composites.
Front Suspension: double wishbones with girder.
Rear Suspension: swing arm with adjustable three bar linkage.
Shock Absorbers: Ohlins
Rake: adjustable
Trail: adjustable
Front Wheel: 3.5" x 17" in-house carbon composite
Rear Wheel: 6.0" x 17" in-house carbon composite
Front Brakes: Twin 320mm cast iron rotors with opposed 4-piston Brembo callipers
Rear Brakes: 210mm rotor with opposed piston Brembo calliper

Wheel base 1420mm
Weight 138kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 24 litres
166 HP @ 11,800 RPM
Maximum safe engine speed 12500rpm

Maximum speed 303 km/h

so cool, ive never seen an a-arm front suspension

the mad doctor
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i loooooooove the britten v1000. i saw that bike race at charlotte motor speedway when i was, uh, 13 or something. awesome. he built the whole bike by hand in his garage, and almost wooped the factory ducati's asses at daytona in 92. if you get a chance to see "the britten motorcycle story", do it, it's amazing what he did with what he had.

i'm so jealous, i'm planning a trip to barber in the late spring/early summer.

oh, the guy that did that v-8 kawi does some sick stuff, including a 40 something cylinder 2 stroke. craziness.

*edit* holy hell, i'm looking thru the pics now. i knew barber was big, but DAMN those indoor arial shots are sweet, that place is HUGE.

and the jelousy just gets worse from here :D

Eff Tee Pee
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enrico vespa said:
ah, a fellow shaved head rider.

haha. ur not the only ones. :D

bcc haha i searched thru the pics just cuz i had to see a wheelchair wheelie.

good job. i knew thered be one in there, when you said you were in one. haha.

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