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So a little talking to CK187:CK187: the other day and it convinced me enough to take the dive and race mini-moto this year on a XR100.:rock:
To say I'm ridiculously excited about it would be the understatement of year.

This thread will basically document my racing and enjoying of an XR100R
I check craiglist on the daily so I knew pretty well what was available in the area lately....
Picked up a 2000 XR100R for 500 bucks.... It had been sitting in his shed with lawn mowers for the last 2 years drained of gas as it was originally bought for his son but his kid never ended up riding it but a few time.
BMW with a trailer once again being the greatest cage ever!

The plastics were a bit rough, and the bike was a little dirty...but holy hell, once I took a rag to the bike it all just wiped away. I bet I could make a quick decent profit on this bike just by cleaning it up!

At least it was stored properly? lol

The whole bike was covered in a spray of dust and dirt...just needed washed and wiped down as you can see

Then I tore into the carb as it wasn't very had been sitting for 2 years. And as you can see it was just dirty in general
The pilot jet ended up being clogged up....cleaned out the inside and outside and runs like a top!


Now to do a little maintenance to the bike--
The drum brakes are basically worthless at the moment...
Entire bike needs to be fully scrubbed down
Exhaust I think is leaking on the flange to the motor, but it might just be some grime that is burning.
Etc Etc...
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