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Hi all,

Have been wanting to fighter my 05 Daytona 600 for a long long time now, and finally have got some headway!

Once I get some more photos off my camera I'll upload them.

I still have a lot to go yet - need to get headlights wired up, relocate ignition barrel, tighten headstem bearings, make steering stops... and thats just the start.

Also on the cards are: MX bars, single seat cover (maybe even Ducati monster seat/tail), chop muffler (or new one), polish up or paint exhaust, etc etc etc.

What do you guys reckon of the black front guard? I think I want to paint it silver to match the rest of the bike - but black was all I could get at the time - looking at taking it to a painters tomorrow... So - keep black, or paint silver?

Look forward to any of your feedback.

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