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I recently posted my turbo ls swapped s10 for sale and had 10,000 views inside 4 days and hundreds of bullshit offers.

After being stood up multiple times I told myself I'm going to accept the first offer from someone who actually shows up. Then a fella messaged me with his phone number and said call me. He made a reasonable cash offer but I had turned down more a few days earlier. He offered to sweeten the deal with the motor from a crashed benelli tornado tre 1130 that had been sitting in a shipping container for past 9 years.

My interest was peaked. I immediately began to try and research this motor and then my interest only grew more due to how uncommon they are here.

Then I just start looking through used parts on ebay to try and familiarize myself with what I may be getting myself into. Prices were very much discouraging. Then I see 36-1 crank trigger as an oem part and it got me feeling nostalgic and all the emotions of boost building and pulling out the laptop to hook up to the old megasquirt.

I dont think I ever started a build thread without a beer in my hand. I like beer.

So I continue googling this thing and see the specs say 12.5:1 cr so I immediately told myself to shut the fuck up and stop trying to size a turbo for it.

All the While I am still receiving offers and I actually agreed to a much larger cash offer and another clown no showed me.

So I committed to accepting this deal if guy shows up. And show up he did.

So we pull this thing off the back of his truck and it's still bolted into a pretty whooped clearly damaged frame but motor only has a little rash on the sliver of carbon fiber that they consider a clutch cover (dry clutch) but overall motor looks good. I start looking through the harness and I inquire about the missing ecu that I know cost a small fortune on ebay. He smiled and grabbed it from cab of truck.

We completed our exchange then I crack a beer in my garage and look at this thing and immediately think to myself what the fuck did I do.

So I guess the first step is to see if it will turn over. And it wouldnt..

Pulled the spark plugs and I can see a significant amount of liquid in cylinders. I text him asking how it was prepped for storage and he said the cylinders were sprayed down with pb blaster and silicon annually while stored.

So I crank it over and clouds of pb blast fill the garage. .. for many cranks. Lots of cloud. Once there was no more thick clouds coming out of cylinders I couldn't help myself and I sprayed a little starting fluid in and to my surprise it fired right up.

Then my wife sent me an angry text that I woke my son

Font Gas Darkness Screenshot Circle

That was it for.the night. So tonight I came out with the intention of getting it to run on gasoline.

I pulled out the fuel system from the ol turbo bike that has been sitting in a bin of spare parts. Rigged it up, set fpr to benelli spec (3.5bar) per manual that I finally found online and fucking vroom. Started right up and sounded good. Had to shut it down to not wake anyone again.

Electrical wiring Computer hardware Gas Electricity Auto part

Now I have no fucking clue what to do with this thing. I have the old gsxr1100 chassis.. I have recently acquired a k1 gsxr1000 with a 240 rear and a rod out the case.. I even considered pulling apart my ol faithful 900rr.

My real desire is to build my own frame. But I just don't have the resources right now. Another 2 years and I think it could be a reasonable goal but not at the moment.

I wasn't sure if I was going to do a build thread this early but after hearing it run I have committed to using it for a build and not selling it.

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Will be following this one with great interest, since I`ve briefly owned one of the THREE Benelli Tornado 900 TRE:s in my country. That one had a very wet slipper clutch though, fascinating that they went for a dry one on the 1130.
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