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my end goal for my bike is something like in the picture, a naked cbr900 with a 7" HID light and some motocross bars. the thing is HID kits made for cbr900s are not made with single round headlights in mind and 7" round headlights are not made to bold on to cbr900s. i assume that a cbr900 kit would be as simple as unplugging the old lights and replacing it with new ones or is there splicing involved? if that is the case then just finding a 7" one may be easier. what would you guys recommend? im game for fabricating it entirely my self if it saves me some money, before HIDs i was planning on doing somthing like this

im balling on a budget here so keep that in mind.

another idea i had was just to get a Harley kit and slap it in some junky 7" ebay kit and splice it all togther

also any suggestions for some similar bars would be appreaciated


EDIT: oh and i hate those halo style lights with a passion so keep that in mind

EDITagain: one last question, is the difference between for example a 6000k kit and a 10000k kit in the bulb or in the ballast?
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