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Bike was used in a photo shoot

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My buddy just opened up a shop and started makin custom clothes and his own clothing line. Called me up one day and asked me if he could use my bike as a prop. I said sure screw it..

So I show up at a local club and drive my bike right inside, past the front desk, past the bathrooms and right into the elevator.. DING TOP FLOOR. I wheel my shit out onto the roof still runnin. The owner of the building is out there with some friends and some of the models. He looks over and SHIT HIS PANTS! lol

Anyways, heres a couple shots with another buddy of mine DJ LoLo from that club showin some of the guys clothes. Pretty cool with the Orig. Kodak building in the back ground too, along with the not so hidden shocker lol

Me fuckin around

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Oh man, I wish you had a helmet cam video of driving through the office and going up the elevator and shit....

actually... why didn't you take the stairs? That seems like it would've been more fun! :LolLolLolLol:
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