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Billet Brake Resies? Need some input

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Need some input from ya'll. I've been kicking some ideas around latley. There's some parts I'd like to make in limitied quantities and put out for sale. one of wich is Billet Brake fluid resiviors. These designs would actually attach directly to the master cylinders and do away with the rubber hose. I plan on offering them in either black or polished. I'm looking to offer them at a price between $65-75 usd.

Here are a couple of examples I'm working on. These are unfinised designs, but give an idea...

Basicly, I'm gauging interest. So post up and let me know what you think. Thanks.




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sprbeast said:
i too am interested. i put a very small brembo unit on my bars with a short rubber hose. nice and clean but not as trick. and bought a billet one that bolts right to the rear master with a lid and gasket for $100 anodized black. you may not want to hear this but you could charge more for them. i know, i know, shut up. :stupid: if you could make them up for a few different standard bikes. postem on the "real" custom sites (you know the slammed and lowered bikes) or hook up with mccoy's or tocc they would probably buy that shit in trailier loads. (that is how gregg from greggs customs started. he made a few signals for his R1 and marketed them to McCoys) those trinkets are really ate up on them bikes especially with chromed and polished finishes. i don't like blingy bikes anyway but it is even worse when they are all plated then you see the stock rubber hosed reservoirs sitting there out of place.

I agree with Superbeast but I think you'd be better off at $59.95 at first and then you can always up the price after you get a few out there and people start to give good feedback. I'm interested for both my Blade and Gixxer.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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