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Billet Brake Resies? Need some input

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Need some input from ya'll. I've been kicking some ideas around latley. There's some parts I'd like to make in limitied quantities and put out for sale. one of wich is Billet Brake fluid resiviors. These designs would actually attach directly to the master cylinders and do away with the rubber hose. I plan on offering them in either black or polished. I'm looking to offer them at a price between $65-75 usd.

Here are a couple of examples I'm working on. These are unfinised designs, but give an idea...

Basicly, I'm gauging interest. So post up and let me know what you think. Thanks.




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I know, the ones made in Europe are super expensive. All go for well over $100. and you're right, I could charge more, but right off the rip I just want to get some stuff out there. Not looking to make a killing on this just yet.

Healo, they attach in the same fashion as the plastic nipple in the master cylinder does. I am also designing some for the front as well. The ones pictured are rear MC resies.

Right now I'm working on ones that will fit Nissin master cylinders as that is a pretty common unit on many bikes. I belive some of the factory issued brembro units can use these too. ex: Yamaha, Ducati.

The company I'm using has an expected turn around time of 1 month. Idealy, I'd like to make them myself, but untill I can afford my own machine I'm going to out source. I'm not going to start advertising the units for sale untill I have recived all the parts and what not.
Talked with a machinest budy of mine a couple weeks ago. He said he'd be able to do some low production stuff. Just gota sit down with him and go over some designs and we'll be ready to rock.
will they have a level indicator? if so, the price would be more than fair
I've been thinking about adding in a window. See what I can do about that.

reposted the pics in the first post.

These are just ideas at the moment. They most likley will not reflect the finished product. I'm still playing around with a smaller version that can be made for both front and rear applications.
Catman. These are intended for rear M/C apps. Those will be the first ones made. After that will be Fronts.

Yeah, that's basicly the idea I was thinking.
That's a cool idea. That would look really clean actually. And a lot less extra machine time making the oval hole, machining a ledge for the glass to sit on and taping it for 2 screws. etc. If you don't mind Sven, I may snag that from you.
Why not just machine a cover for the existing resv. and epoxy that in place...
Cause I don't want to make cheesy metric cruiser parts.

Plus, I hate how bulky and obtrusive the stock cups are and I hate the hoses running all over the place. It's been done too. and it's way over priced.

no offense Sven. Those actually look pretty good. Hell of a lot better then the piece of tin foil cobra offers that just slaps around the stock cup.
Right on Miller, mine are going to attach similarly. BTW where in SC are you?
1 - 9 of 37 Posts
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