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Billet Brake Resies? Need some input

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Need some input from ya'll. I've been kicking some ideas around latley. There's some parts I'd like to make in limitied quantities and put out for sale. one of wich is Billet Brake fluid resiviors. These designs would actually attach directly to the master cylinders and do away with the rubber hose. I plan on offering them in either black or polished. I'm looking to offer them at a price between $65-75 usd.

Here are a couple of examples I'm working on. These are unfinised designs, but give an idea...

Basicly, I'm gauging interest. So post up and let me know what you think. Thanks.




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after about 15 min of searching i found the one I would want for the rear. Im not sure if most bikes sport the right master or not....Instead of just posting the picture here is the ebay link, ive seen them posted for gixxers and the like from the same company, but im not paying 170 plus shipping...I can deal with 60-70, but for the cost of the aluminum, and labor for someone that has the equipment, 170 plus shipping is outta the question.

Picture if you dont want the ebay link
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I also have the money in hand, would really just like something similar to what I posted, I know that make ones like that for the front, and whatever route you choice, whether it be my ideal setup, or something similar post pictures, and let us all know the price. I first posted something about not wanting to wait six months, well its been six months, and I still havnt gotten one, so get 'er done
outside of columbia... didn't quite get to it yet althought it's modeled in Pro-E

look something like this...

Not trying to sway anyone, but thats the company that makes the one you listed, if this doesnt end up happening I might pick up one of theres, they are reasonably priced...
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