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Billet Brake Resies? Need some input

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Need some input from ya'll. I've been kicking some ideas around latley. There's some parts I'd like to make in limitied quantities and put out for sale. one of wich is Billet Brake fluid resiviors. These designs would actually attach directly to the master cylinders and do away with the rubber hose. I plan on offering them in either black or polished. I'm looking to offer them at a price between $65-75 usd.

Here are a couple of examples I'm working on. These are unfinised designs, but give an idea...

Basicly, I'm gauging interest. So post up and let me know what you think. Thanks.




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I missed the pics the first time around :(
So now i see them :D
I realy like the idia ( Love the shapes you got goin there too ) and would be interested in one. On both my gixxers there is only one stock one left. both front and rears. Would you possibly make a rear ?
I've been thinking about adding in a window. See what I can do about that.
maybe something like this one will work, shouldn't be too difficult, looks at least pretty easy the little window piece with the two screws

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Catman. These are intended for rear M/C apps. Those will be the first ones made. After that will be Fronts.

Yeah, that's basicly the idea I was thinking.
that was the one thing we did a couple years ago but it never worked out as you need every part proofed
by the local authority (TUV).

and than we had an other version of it in mind but after the first disaster we just stop work on it

The idea was to take a solid round piece of acrylic glass milled down to 12mm
and cut an outside screw thread M12x1.25 on it and cut it into slices of 1.5mm.
The resi got cut a M12x1.25 internal screw thread and pasted
the acryli disc with a oil resistant loctite glue into it
That's a cool idea. That would look really clean actually. And a lot less extra machine time making the oval hole, machining a ledge for the glass to sit on and taping it for 2 screws. etc. If you don't mind Sven, I may snag that from you.
Scrap - let me know if you have any hangups finding someone to make them for you. I could help you out.
Why not just machine a cover for the existing resv. and epoxy that in place...
Why not just machine a cover for the existing resv. and epoxy that in place...

it's exactly what we ended up with
the last two pictures on this page
Why not just machine a cover for the existing resv. and epoxy that in place...
Cause I don't want to make cheesy metric cruiser parts.

Plus, I hate how bulky and obtrusive the stock cups are and I hate the hoses running all over the place. It's been done too. and it's way over priced.

no offense Sven. Those actually look pretty good. Hell of a lot better then the piece of tin foil cobra offers that just slaps around the stock cup.
I don't feel offended at all and I don't like the covers either but it was the only way
with this fuc.... TUV to stay streetlegal and out of trouble with the cops

just work on it, I would really like to see some pics after you're done :WINKE:
i have a spare cbr brake system I tore apart.... I am gonna work on turning something tomarrow that will actullay replace the 90 elbow and have a mini res that sits right on the lever...
Right on Miller, mine are going to attach similarly. BTW where in SC are you?
I'd be interested in one as well. Those designs are sweet, esp. the first one.:rock: The Price is right on too.
outside of columbia... didn't quite get to it yet althought it's modeled in Pro-E

look something like this...

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after about 15 min of searching i found the one I would want for the rear. Im not sure if most bikes sport the right master or not....Instead of just posting the picture here is the ebay link, ive seen them posted for gixxers and the like from the same company, but im not paying 170 plus shipping...I can deal with 60-70, but for the cost of the aluminum, and labor for someone that has the equipment, 170 plus shipping is outta the question.

Picture if you dont want the ebay link
Yeah thats pretty sleek lookin, but fuck that shit.. Better get rub n tug's for atleast a month for that much dough
The rear brake pc would be really tough to make. You'd have to do at least 2 operations on a CNC for the base and if you didn't have a live lathe 2 more on the lid. That's 3-4 setups avg 1.5 hours each so before you start cutting you are looking at a days work.

That's where the cost is coming from. Now if you could spread the cost of setup over say 100-200 pcs the price would drop...
outside of columbia... didn't quite get to it yet althought it's modeled in Pro-E

look something like this...

Not trying to sway anyone, but thats the company that makes the one you listed, if this doesnt end up happening I might pick up one of theres, they are reasonably priced...
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