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Ok most of this is copy and paste from when I introduced myself. So this guy I work with says my nephew left a bike in my garage and he doesn't want it anymore I have the title, you know anyone who might want it, it's free. Hmmmmm I wonder who would ever want a free bike? Well I suppose I do have an empty spot in my garage I guess I could help you out and move it outta your garage for you . So Sunday morning true to my word I show up with my trailer and help him out by removing that piece of junk for him. Cool just have to pay for a new title SCORE!!!!! OK get it home pressure wash it after checking it over and seeing a couple of small coolant leaks in hoses, and typical oily grimy dirty crap all over. Throw the charger on it hmmm OK we have lights, engine rolls over, let it sit a bit. Time for a beverage and contemplate while we're waiting. Let's pull off some of the body work; OK no air box but K&N oval pods and a breather that explains the oily junk on the engine cases. A little starter fluid roll the engine again OK it fired didn't stay running but it fired. So we have spark, compression, and it had fuel all the ingredients needed for a running engine. Things are looking up, well it has 25 year old plastic so guess what we're not going to try to salvage. Tires dry rotted, clutch doesn't work. Going to need to be stripped down and gone through. Guess I just found my winter project. Think I'm going to see what I can do and try to keep it sub 1000 dollars

So what I found after I got it home old title lost
25.00 dup title
75.00 new title after signing the dup over to me
15.00 service manual

how I got it

How it's sitting right now

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