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So I crashed a couple of years ago and dented the gas tank on my 2006 SV650.

I welded nails to it with a mig last year to pull the dents out. Got reasonable results for a *******... Good enough to fill in with body fill and not have 1" thick fill!

A few of the nails ripped the steel. I welded what I could up but finally re-lined the tank with Kreem liner.

So within a week or month last year it started to bulge... like blisters under the fill. This year I ripped it all off again. Tried to re-line the tank - making sure I had it thick on the region with the holes.

Again after a week, it has begun to blister again. I don't know what to do here, It seems lined ok, but does it have to hold significant pressure? I am pretty much at the point where I would cut the section out, and make a new filler plate with sheet metal. Then use a gas mig to get it sealed properly in metal.

Suggestions or comments?
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