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How much more of the tail can be chopped off before you're sitting on the rear tire? haha

Anyway, sounds like you have a general plan. That's the key to fighters, there is no specific style or wrong way to build one.

A word of caution on rigging up jackshafts- this is a little trickier than you might think. It's certainly possible, but it has to be extremely strong and well supported, and you'll need some sort of tensioner for both the primary and final chains. It's a hassle, I had to rig one up on my minibike at that was only 15hp and I kept bending mounts and snapping welds when I'd catch air and land it still on the power.

If possible, I'd try to avoid this. Bracing stock swingarms can make a big difference, as does getting radial tires instead of the bias play I'm sure that bike originally came with. The advent of the maxi-scooters has led to radial tires being made in smaller and skinnier sizes, that now fit older bikes that previously needed wheel swaps to run radials.

Anyway there's plenty of help here and I'm sure tons of cb750 knowledge floating around the internet. Welcome aboard and good luck.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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