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Hi guys,
quick one about brake discs with offset

I'm building up a ZX10R front end, but due to the expense of a ZX10R wheel I have a ZX6R F wheel (95-97).
The F wheel turns out to be 4mm thinner between the two disc faces
This means the discs are 2mm closer to the inner pad on each side than they are to the outer pad.
Is there any reason I cant use a spacer under that plastic bit inside the piston to push the outer pads in 2mm further so that they're centred?

Alternative would be having some 2mm longer pistons made for the outer sides so the pads were closer on the outer, compensating for the inner's being nearer the disc.


Disc can be spaced out by 2mm with washers, caliper can be spaced in the same way, ive done this a few times without problems but wouldnt recomend more than 2mm with washers, anything over that ive always used a proper spacer as pictured above

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Sometimes you're lucky and find a similar pair of discs with more offset. Seller neverland on eBay lists lots of discs and gives the dimensions so you can compare, do a search including description once you know what you need. You might find a £140 pair of discs cheaper easier and neater than spacers - if they exist.

edit: a swift search says you're out of luck with +2mm offset discs, although +20mm diameter is easy using discs from a ZZR11/12 or ZX7R amongst others. That correction is easy using a new spacer and longer bolt on the caliper mounting.
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