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Brake Pad question....

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I'm looking for reviews for Vesrah brake pads. I never heard of them and may get a good deal for them. I checked their site and they do make racing brakes. I'm currently using EBC HH's and they're great. But eventually I'll be needing brake pads and figured getting it at a good price now would be good on my wallet.

Let's say the EBC HH is a 10, what would the Vesrah be?

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endo said:
Vesrah makes great brakes. IMO they all work very very well, EBC, Ferodo, Vesrah, SBS. The race pads bite really hard on the street but generally speaking, they either wear out super quick or glaze super quick. In my experience using race pads, you have to be extremely aggressive on them or they glaze, but doing this, obviously uses them up more quickly. A lot of race bikes can go through a set of race pads in the course of one race and a practice session. I've used EBC HH pads for years and never had an issue, they're top on my list, but I've used Ferodo and Vesrah as well. The SBS pads are worthy as well, but I found they squealled a lot on my bike, and had no signs as to why.

That said, $40 for calipers AND pads??? DO IT!!!

^^+1^^ I have had the exact same experience to a T, even the squeeling SBS pads-------------:nuts:
Just a silly question there Rico ,
How much ARE you paying for EBC pads ?
I know some bikes pads are more than others, but ????

I think you guys are teachin me a lesson here on how to watch my money a little closer, I just wanna know how close what the prices are ?
EBC= ?
vesrah = ?
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