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Brake Pad question....

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I'm looking for reviews for Vesrah brake pads. I never heard of them and may get a good deal for them. I checked their site and they do make racing brakes. I'm currently using EBC HH's and they're great. But eventually I'll be needing brake pads and figured getting it at a good price now would be good on my wallet.

Let's say the EBC HH is a 10, what would the Vesrah be?

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The Vesrahs would be 11's for the street..the race ones would be like a 30..not rec'd for street riding, track only.

Tell me which model front end you are putting them on and I'll find the pads you want and what you should pay for them.
enrico vespa said:
SRAD(98 GSXR 750T), I PM'ed that guy from over there, hopefully he'll get back to me. I checked Kneedraggers and they're looking for $28 so thats $56 for both calipers for street. I didn't see them offering the racing version.

Just curious, the race ones are really that bad for street?
From what I heard, they grip like no one;s business, I don;t know personally.
I have SS lines and the Vesrah sintered metal pads on both, well, what was my track bike and my current SV. It stopped great.
enrico vespa said:
He just sent me a PM for the calipers and stock pads... $40. I don't need the calipers, he's gonna get back to me for the pads.
Take it all, you can get the calipers sold on ebay for $25-30
929_adam said:
i dont know what this '10, 11 or 30's' means?

and wtf? $30 for calipers?? huh. what? those are like 300 from the factory...well retail.

New costs don't mean sheet, parts like calipers go forsale all the time..and they are a dime a dozen. Simple supply and demand. :rock:
catman said:
Just a silly question there Rico ,
How much ARE you paying for EBC pads ?
I know some bikes pads are more than others, but ????

I think you guys are teachin me a lesson here on how to watch my money a little closer, I just wanna know how close what the prices are ?
EBC= ?
vesrah = ?
A good price for Vesrahs is about mid $30 range, per set. I just got two sets on clearance for $20.woo hoo, go DZ gooo. :D

No idea on the EBC's, never priced them.
enrico vespa said:
Yeah I wound up not getting the race one's. 35 buckaroos for 4 pads aren't bad. Too bad I already have pads that are still good, I want to try them out.
You got the calipers too, right?
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