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Brake Pad question....

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I'm looking for reviews for Vesrah brake pads. I never heard of them and may get a good deal for them. I checked their site and they do make racing brakes. I'm currently using EBC HH's and they're great. But eventually I'll be needing brake pads and figured getting it at a good price now would be good on my wallet.

Let's say the EBC HH is a 10, what would the Vesrah be?

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nevermind, Someone already gave me an answer.
SRAD(98 GSXR 750T), I PM'ed that guy from over there, hopefully he'll get back to me. I checked Kneedraggers and they're looking for $28 so thats $56 for both calipers for street. I didn't see them offering the racing version.

Just curious, the race ones are really that bad for street?
DougZ said:
From what I heard, they grip like no one;s business, I don;t know personally.

That'll be some experience testing it out after I put on ss lines.:squid:
He just sent me a PM for the calipers and stock pads... $40. I don't need the calipers, he's gonna get back to me for the pads.
929_adam said:
i dont know what this '10, 11 or 30's' means?
Sorry, when I said EBC HH is a 10, I meant a rating from 1-10, the EBC's a 10, so what would the Vesrah's compare to that.

Endo: So if I use the race version on the street for normal use(non aggressive riding), they'd wear out quickly?

I know $40 sounds good for calipers, but I already have parts I'm tryna get rid of without adding to it.
That's the thing, I don't want to get ca;lipers I don't need and then be stuck with them. I have too much stuff layin around.
There are diffrent EBC's.

The HH is a better grip, A shop near me wnated to charge $90 for the set of 4 pads. I got them from ebay for $40. It's all about shopping around.
If you stunt, they probably put in the HH's. The shop I priced them handle alot of the street stunter crowd.

BTW, closed the deal for $35 shipped for the street. Too paranoid for the race version.
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Yeah I wound up not getting the race one's. 35 buckaroos for 4 pads aren't bad. Too bad I already have pads that are still good, I want to try them out.
nah, just the pads. I seen he listed the calipers sold over there. Unless he's throwing them in for free.

I think someone else bought them I remember seeing some one looking for SRAD front end stuff.
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