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Hello im looking for a new front end to swap on my bike but since a front fork with everything on it is very expensive, I maybe just swap the brake calipers. but my question is if anybody know if its worth it to buy calipers from a 954 or a 919 -02-03 and but on my old -97? i know that it is a perfect fit but is it worth the money? am i gone notice a diffrent from my OEM calipers? or is it just a waist of my money?
Are there any other brakeswaps to cbr 900 that is a perfect fit if this is horseshit:)?
Maybe radial brake master??


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I've done this myself. Yes, the gold calipers fit, and yes you will notice a difference. They are bigger, bigger pads, newer tech (alloy pistons with teflon coating), don't corrode hardly at all (once you fit stainless connecting bolts!) and in general are just loads better.

You can use a 98 onwards blade master for these calipers, up to and including the latest radial kit. Your original 14mm master will not cut it.
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