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ive been looking all over the place and cant seem to find the info i need-

I have a Brembo RCS 16mm clutch master on my bike and its not moving the slave enough. My slave only moves 0.050" . Someone else has the same bike using an OEM Brembo Ducati 999 15mm clutch master and its moving the slave 0.075"-0.085"

The Brembo RSC is adjustable 16x16 / 16X18, and I believe the 999 master is 15x18 (from what i could find)...... but i can not find any info on the stroke length of these clutch master cylinders. Im guessing the stroke is longer on the 999-

any info on stroke length with a 19mm Brembo RCS??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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