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So I go to bleed my brakes and can't for the life of me get the bleeder loose:

I Soaked the hell out of it with liquid wrench, WD or whatever for a good long time

I have a proper 6 point wrench for it then resorted to vice grips since I'm going to replace it anyways, hitting the caliper harder and harder with a hammer and start to swear

now it's a mess of seized up junk protruding from my caliper.

I figured I'd drill it out and put in a helicoil which would be about $40 for the special tap and coils. The fun part is figuring out which kit to get. That and a new bleeder is $10. If you're going to drill out the bleeder take the caliper off your car/bike and use a drill press ideally with a Cobalt bit and it's super quick and clean. I read about a guy using a hand drill while the caliper was on his car which made matter worse.....

With some searching online I came up with a much better solution.

There are a number of suppliers and bleeder repair kits, I bought 4 new over sized bleeders for $15 off Ebay, remember $10 for a new bleeder anyways so deal!

When they arrive I'm going to confirm how much more to drill out the hole and which tap to use and bing bang boom.
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