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I need some new spacers made up. Anyone want to take on a quick project. Need 4 caliper spacers and two wheel spacers. I'd make them on the lathe at work as we have plenty of aluminum stock laying around, but quite honestly, @ 15 hour work days, the last thing I want to do is stay there any longer than I need to ...because if I do, I'll end up getting pulled off the lathe do to "actual" work it'll be faster if I just outsource the job.

If anyone is interested in making a easy buck or two, let me know. I'll even include some of Milwaukee's finest micro-brews (maybe two or three 6-packs) if I can get them packed up nicely for shipment. lol. Specs are below.

Caliper Spacers:

The original caliper spacers I received with my Marzocchi forks were only 15mm and my wave rotors just nick the bimbo calipers a bit so I need them increased to 17mm. All other dimensions are to stay the same. Here are a few pix for reference:

Here is a shot of the original spacers I was given. The length of the "barrel" (don't know the actual term, but its the part that actually provides the spacing) was 15mm. I need to extend that by 2mm for some reason (possibly because my wave rotors are wider than stock???). The GP4RX calipers and Galfer waves just hit a little bit on the top of the rotors and it looks like I need to bump out the spacers by 2mm (based on where the brake pads are hitting currently compared to the normal wear marks...which is a 2mm difference). The drilled holes (the ones that look like venting) in the barrel section don't need to be done...not too concerned about the weight savings....

Inside Diameter, 10mm:

OD of the insert (the part that goes into the caliper and the fork mounting area), 13.85mm (probably could just do 14mm and I could wetsand it down if need be):

Here is the OD of the barrel, 24mm:

Wheel spacers:

I need two wheel spacers whipped up. Both being 23.5mm wide. They can look like the OEM spacers. Here are the specs I have:

ID is 25mm:

OD of the part that touches up against the wheel, 31.85mm. You can make it an even 31.5mm (or just round down to 31mm):

I couldn't get a good shot showing me measuring the OD of the raised lip that touches the side of the fork....but in any case, here is what I got, 35.75mm (which, to make things easier, just bump that up to 36mm):

Well, just let me know if your interested and pm me if so!
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