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Just wanted to throw the line and see what bites

I am using a Hawk Gt (NT650) swinger that I modified to work with the 2002 VFR 800 rear wheel.

I am entertaining the idea of running a car rim on the back so I wanted to see if anyone else has done it (I am sure it has) and more important does anyone know the correct offset I should be looking for.

I wouldn't want to run anything more than a 200 size tire. And maybe.... up to 24" on the rim LOL.
Assuming the rim is centered now...

1. Measure your current offset (Distance from back of rim to mounting face-Distance from front of rim to mounting face)/2. Offset is positive if the distance from the back of the rim to the face is larger.

2. Figure out which width you want to run with that 200 tire. Typical motorcycle rim for a 190 tire is 6". I wouldn't go over 7" if you can at all help it.

3. Take the difference in width and subtract half of that from the VFR rim offset to keep the wheel centered. You can stray up to 5mm away from the swingarm, but it's not ideal.

4. Hope to your chosen deity that the wheel/tire combination you just payed for doesn't hit your swingarm. It almost certainly will with anything larger than an 18" rim, and that's pushing it.

5. Adjust ride height in the rear to compensate for changed radius of the rear wheel/tire combo.

6. Profit.
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