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Ugliest fucking bike ever!
oh you!

wow very nice!!! ive been brainstorming ideas for my subframe as well, ill i know so far is that its gotta go, time to practice my welding.

Ill be posting a build thread soon, BTW mine is a 88' katana, crazy how they barely changed the thing over so many years. picked mine up for 300 to flip it and just decided id rather do a fighter project since i had sold a 75' cb500t that i couldnt bring myself to cafe although i really wanted to. it was wrth too much all orginal.
whatever you do, don't just take a hacksaw to the rear to make a bobber. :)
there are a few good kat builds here, most of them involve chopping the entire subframe off, and modding a new tank mount and adapting a newer subframe or custom subframe. i really don't think the frame is that ugly (biased b/c i own one haha)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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