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New toy in the stable.

Previous owner had a set of street oriented tires on it, going to burn through them quickly if they're not too bad. New pictures coming soon, I will update this post with them.

First things first:
Headlight sucks at night, high beams aimed properly makes low beams ridiculously low. Low beams pretty weak. Pair of Hella projectors on the way to fit and modify the stock headlight shroud.
To add to the projectors, a pair of LED projectors to hang under the bars and light up the inside of the corners for night riding.
Turn signals are ugly and huge... going to keep this one looking as street legal as possible for touring outside of the U.S. Four small LEDs and an LED relay on the way.
Tail light and fender are huge... no way I can live with that hunk of plastic. LED replacement and bracket on the way.
Mirrors are worthless at my height anyways, but going to put two round ones to look under my arms instead of trying to look through my arms.

Second wave of work:
Stiffer springs front and rear
Second set of wheels in 17" flavor
Possible new dash with coolant and oil temperature, tachometer
Possible new exhaust
Possible windscreen
Possible taller seat

For SnGs, getting her out of the truck with an overhead crane.

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You done any work in this yet??
I've had her a week!

Of course, I have:

Lights came in the mail.

I'm a sucker for a nice looking ass, so I started there.

The tail mount didn't fit the way I wanted it to, so off comes some material.

Tossed the plastics back on to see how it fit.

Could be a little more tucked in there, but not too shabby.

I need to get me a collection of these for home...

All wired in.

Next up is her front end.

Grabbed some thin sheet, cut a couple holes for the lights to slip through, a couple holes for the mounting bolts to go through and a couple bends.

I tossed the stock headlight shroud on there to see what kind of modification will be needed to run it.

Cut out some width where the previous light was and expand out the side mounting points and it should be able to work without making new brackets. If I have to make new brackets though, I won't mind.

I am loving these projectors, the lowbeam needs to be lifted a few degrees and a more convient means of bolting the bracket to the headlight ears would be nice.

Rode around a while last night and everything is working well.

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I modified the shroud and ziptied it in place. More will need to be filed out in order to actually bolt the bottom bolt and two brackets will be needed to be made for the sides.

I made the mounting of the headlight bracket a little more stable by taking out the grommets that it was bouncing on and raised both projectors' angles. I need to lower them 1/3 of what I raised them in order to not blind the other cars.

Low only

Low and yellows.

Highs and whites.

Plenty of light... I am going to get a whiter light for the projectors eventually.

Then some goofing off imagery.

500 miles on her already, 1000 miles to come on next week's road trip.

I need a better seat and taller / straighter handlebars as I could feel it in my ass and my wrist in the first 50 miles of my 240 mile day today. Didn't get better.

Springs are supposed to be delivered tomorrow and they will get installed after the trip.

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These posts seem to be liked in the SV650 thread, so here's my latest bad decision. 1383 miles in 5 days covering hundreds of miles on gravel / dirt / sand and running out of fuel twice (both salvagable with the gas on the other side of the tank).

Took off a few days of work and headed out to Eastern Oregon. Enjoy some photos and minimal notes.

Sweet old drag saw, this one needs a little TLC.

I think this is an impeller off one of the water pumps.

Some cushion tires. Still used technology / terminology today... they are softer than just a steel band.


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Less than two weeks and I already crashed... Deep ass sand pit got the best of me when I was looking down an intersecting dirt road.

Sadly my phone got really dusty and I didn't notice it.

Center top under the cloud I was standing in is the playground that I was meeting up with friends on.

Flook Knoll, who names these places? Lost a pretty awesome panorama shot here.

This hot spring was deep enough to go above my neck as I stood in it.

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