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Well now that i have rehabilitated, crashed again, rehabilitated again and well lets hope I wont have to rehab for many moons from now.

I am back and riding again, and it's good to feel whole again. Life, to me, is not the same without two wheels.

when i first joined the site I was tweeking my 919 and having a good time doing it, with lots of great input and support.

At the time they were still not selling the cb1000r "new hornet" in america, bastards. Lets face it imported and such sucks.

Sometime in the process I decided it would be a good idea to ram my bike into the back of a toyota camry and attempt to fly. I flew, however I could not stick the landing, the landing stuck me. and....well the car was not kind to my lower half. This was on 7th street and dunlap in North Phoenix (this will become a fun fact later.) The driver pulled into my lane and decided there was not enough room for her and slammed on her brakes. seeing as she decided to wedge herself between me and the car in front of her and it was rush hour, I started to slow and spread the gap but was too late. The hornet was no more. Lets move on

I'll admit i was fucked up pretty good, but thankfully had on my jacket and helmet so I avoid the 150 degree pavement and the subsequent damage there in. Few months went by and I was able to come back and touch base with the community - thank you all for your support. This was very shortly after cheeze accident and the community was grieving heavily - RIP brother.

after 35yrs of riding, couple of minor embarrassing fall overs, this was my first traffic driven accident and it sucked. but i was determined to recover no sweat, shit happens.

It took me about another year before i could throw a leg over and get back to riding. So I did, and it was good. Well lo and behold I said i would never ride on 7th street in phoenix again, too many people with too little concern for anything.

So last year april 25th to be exact I decided to bring my team some lunch at work. This is pretty common we often by each other and the crew lunch on paydays. I went to the bank and decided I would go pick up 20 dollar burgers and some fries. McDonalds was close and easy in and out. Well forgetting my own mantra of never riding on 7th street I headed towards the grub run. I turned left at a 5 points intersection ( cave creek and n. 7th st.) began to accelerate and less than 100' after the turn , while accelrating, this lady decided to park her suburban in my lane. Since the Hornet died years before and was much more agile than my 1600 yamaharley, I pretty much t-bone her at 35 and paid the price for the next year.

this is like a monty python castle sank into the swamp story.

Well after another painful year of rehab and no riding, I am finally back on the road and back on another Hornet. hear are some pics of My new cb1000r, 2013. I found it with 911 miles on it ( no shit is someone trying to tell me something) and had to have it.

It is bone stock 4 miles into its first service. This last sunday I put the first 54 miles of me on it, learning the bike and what not.

Wow is she fun.

So far nothing has been done to it other than some minor adjustments. oh there is a yoshi fender eliminator on it.

I will be adding these mods - with pics, cause without pics its bullshit

Integrated tail light ( LED) - be here tomorrow)
Flush front turn signals
Rox 2 in bar risers
Braided Lines - front , rear and clutch
Yoshimura R 77 3/4 exhaust
Rear seat cowl ( the wife stopped riding on the back years ago)
Remove rear pegs
Some kind of small windshield ( cant find one that I like, but need a little bit, im pretty tall in the saddle)
Front and rear wavy rotors
Machined reservoir tanks
Bar end mirrors
Case, frame and fork sliders
Front HID conversion

anyways here are the pics

Even factory fighters should have their own hangar :)

A couple more in the AZ sun

thanks for having a look and reading a long ass boring story of woe and want.

pics of mods to come.

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Good luck with it, and stay safe!

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Trying to get the pics going for you, the picture hosting is acting weird as hell.
I remember your 919, glad you're still with us, looking forward to seeing the cb1k progress.

edit: pics are still acting weird, start a free photobucket account and upload the pics there, then post em up, I'll try to help from there.
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rgr , rgr , rgr and thank you - will get a free photo hosting set up going.

thanks for the assist - I think its gonna be a sweet ride.

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My baby

this was last year though. spent probably another grand on new stuff for it since. holler if you have any questions


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