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I don't have pictures yet, gotta get around to taking some, when I'm in the zone working I'm just plugging along. Not new wrenching by any means, just new to bikes and street fighters.

Picked the bike up yesterday for a cool $550, it had been wrecked by the previous owner, but the damage is all cosmetic, bike fires up instantly, rides good(up to 40mph) and seems to be in decent shape considering its age, milage(45K) and the accident.

Fairings are expensive, and I'm not down with that shit so here we are and you can continue following the build here:

Pictures finally of picking it up to bring it home:

Didn't really plan ahead when I showed up to buy it after looking at it earlier in the day, getting the bike into the bed of my
Comanche with myself and two chicks was not a feasible option, especially with it being lifted. Ingenuity took over, took the wheels off the rear axle and set the disks on the ground, was easy peasy after that.
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