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So long story short I was having problems with some electrical issues I believe was shorting out my fuel pump I seem to have narrowed it down to a very bad and hacked wiring harness along with the grounding block being grounded out. I found a good condition harness not hacked or burnt and started replacing it when I then noticed and realized it was missing two plugs , one for the sensor to exhaust and the other that goes to the evap purge valve. My 929 is one of those California emission bike models so the harness came from a bike that didn’t have cali emissions . I heard you can remove this and it wouldn’t effect my bike at all so my question is how do I do so ive looked and red tons of threads and seems that the threads with step to step guides no longer exist someone please help so I can get back on the road.

Black = purge valve control

Yellow = from pruge valve to air lines

Blue = from gas tank to purge valve

What do I do with this and how do I eliminate …. Can I even do so ???


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