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So i THINK i need the valves shimmed on my cbr600 f2, The CCT seems to be fine, no strange noise/rattle on start up or cold and no noise when running and warm, BUT...

The bike makes a rattling noise when I turn it off and start it back up warm (think running into the store or filling up) that last for a minute and goes away again, I feel pretty sure this sounds like it needs valve adjustment unless someone has another suggestion?

The whole process seems well within my ability except i have some confusion on how to remove the cam shafts to actually re-shim what needs to be. My manual covers camshaft installation but not removal (fuck) and the threads i have read talk about releasing tension in the cct by removing a bolt from the back and winding the spring with a screwdriver which allows for the slack to get the cam gears out from under the timing chain. EXCEPT that my CCT doesnt have this bolt on it. So wtf do i need to do? just a matter of completely removing the stock CCT to get slack?

thanks in advance to anyone that can help out! Im sure nothing is going to go horribly wrong running the bike as is but the sound annoys me so much i almost dont want to ride it!
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