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Hey guys, I spent ages trying to find any advice on how to do the kleen air mod on my 99 European CBR F4. Lots of guys do the mod on the F3 & F4i but I really found it hard to find anything on the F4 carbs model.

Anyway, found some stuff, did the mod and it worked a treat. I had done a gauge swap from the old dials to a set of danmoto 180 digital ones, after that I had lost top end etc.
Here are the pics, hope it makes sense and someone finds this helpful, I sure did.

You can see how to simply connect the crank hoses together, personally I just used the original 'valve' piece that you will find on the bike and patched in the hoses.
For the lines from the carbs, the two that go into the air box at the top and bottom need plugging as you have taken those pipes out, and the hoses from the carbs need connecting to the air box. (They are the square shaped ones together on the box)

Sorted! My throttle response has not been that good ever really, so well pleased!

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Did this today, was skeptical that the bike would breath right with the breather into the PAIR valves but the bike pulls really hard and I got ride of loads of tubing and the flat spot at speed.

I used the 'AIR INJECTION CONTROL VALVE' as a t piece for now.

Thanks for posting.
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