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97 Carbed blackbird engine, cleaned but needs paint in some areas. Complete with the majority if not all water pipes, starter motor, etc. New pulsar cover cos the existing one has a slight weep. Exhaust studs are bent so will need extracting. have new exhaust studs on the shelf. Frame with broken headstock but not on a Cat Cor D as far as I can see. V5 for the matching engine and frame. On SORN

Was gonna do a tube frame using the existing headstock, cut and replace the frame rails and use the standard engine mount and side parts of the frame, like the ZX6R stuntbikes run. would look trick. can't be too much on.

Freshly sonic cleaned carbs
pick 1 of 3 tanks,
New aftermarket ignition switch/key and tank cap. ( previous owner sold the lock set)

Bike took a heavy frontal so rad and oil cooler are junk.

I heard the bike running before I bought it.

pretty much everything you need.

( I also have the back end if you want it.)

£700...take it away.

I'm near Mansfield, North Notts

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Hi rb don't need the frame or tank its going into a blade 900 chassis so motor complete water pipes carbs loom ect and the pipe but Ime sure we can sort a deal if you pm me your tel number I will bell you and sort things that way cheers
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