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Well, as title says I'm new to all of this and I haven't got any help, so far I just used what I know and gonna get the basics done.

What it looked like before stripped ^

Once I stripped it, a huge amount of weight has come off! More than I expected, I'm slow learning and loving this. The light and clock were actually connected, heres what it looks like now. I know youse love pictures :D

What should I do with the spares? Where can I sell them?

I'm gonna buy a few parts including:
LCD DIGI TACHOMETER CLOCK. Now the original clock is cable, the electronic ones aren't, how would I convert them into digi???
Dominator headlights
Dominator headlight brackets (proper ones) - Or should I take a cheap route...?
Some new wing mirrors, cheap ones I found on ebay but they look pretty awesome!

I think they look awesome.
Once all these are done I was thinking going onto painting then raising the rear seat and using a rear seat cowl?

Suggestions welcome!

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Need some bigger pictures...

Interested to see where this heads...
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