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Hello! So I just ordered a headlight and got it here from BikeMaster with the Halo edition. (Single 5.75 inch headlight with halo ring around it that lights up when you start it.) I realized that my wiring harness is missing the headlight subharness that hooks up to the headlight with the bulb socket. So I am missing the socket I could have easily attached the light to, is there anything I can make shift a modified headlight subharness just for the headlight that would go to the main wiring harness (without the addition of the wires needed for front turn signals, etc...) ?

I guess what I am asking is how do I wire my headlight (four wires - high, low, ground, and halo) to my main wiring harness bypassing my headlight wiring subharness?

My bike is a 2011 cbr250r.

Any help will do, please!
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