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I have an 89 cbr600 myself.
Your biggest problem will be chain offset. I presume you will run a wider wheel too. The standard tyre is 140. on the F i have a 150 on mine and have heard of 160 on others but its close to the chain and the tyre shape is compromised so not worth it. Anything bigger than a 160 and even with an offset front sprocket you are going to get issues with clearance for the frame. Maybe you could notch into the frame and then re support it on the outside or maybe you widen the frame all together.

After all of that you are then going to have the issue of fitting a swinger between the frame. You will have to shave either the swinger or the frame (not a big deal, just something to think about)

Next you will have to think about the suspension and try to match stock ride height as much as possible otherwise you handling will be off. After all of that you will find or you may find your rear sets wont you may have to space those after too.

All of the above aren't very difficult as long as you know what you are doing and have access to the correct tools.
Just thought id let you know in case you haven't thought about it yet.
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