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I would like to do some modifications trough the winter.

Swap out the display , swap out the subframe and dirthandlebar.

Display = where can i finde a smaller and better display thathas the same wirring as the orginal? Tried to swap to an digital speedo but i found out that i have to have a display that has the 20 km function.

Subframe= is there any subframes frome other bikes that is bolt on? Or are there a subframe from another bike that needs small modifications?

Dirthandlebar= where can i find wireand brake hose that is a bit longer than original?

Help help help. Pleeeeease....

The display doesnt need the 20km function mate, speedos dont have the 20km function just the CBR one.

You just need to take the pink wire from the connector and ground it out so the ram air solenoid is always open.

No other subframe will bolt on, especialy as the CBR subframe is welded on not bolted.

You'll find wire and brake hoses on ebay.
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