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Cbr900 swap to gsxr 750 subframe

Starting a streetfighter project, swapping to a gsxr 750 subframe with integrated led turn signals,dyna headlight unit with 5 3/4 red halo headlight, wrapped red pipe to black stubby yoshimura,15/45 jt sprockets,red braided sleeving for cables, cooling hoses, brake hoses

The subframe meets fine to the main frame on the bottom rails, the tops don't meet by a miss of 3 in, im thinking of making brackets to meet them to the frame, I could have the cbr subframe cut bent and welded to the gsxr subframe but the welder wants a lot to do the job in less than a hr,I already dropped $500 on this project and am running on fumes for bike money, any opinions on this would be appreciated

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