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Questions,,, I got plenty, here are two.

I want to move the radiator and make it smaller. They are just FUGLY, so needs go. How small can I go? I assume adding an oil cooler will take up some of the slack.

I chopped the frame and lowered the seat. This has caused the riding position to be more laid down. The problem is that the brake and shifter levers are uncomfortable to use. Has anyone ever put the brake and shifter levers on the swingarm? The rear brake would be super easy, the sifter is another thing altogether. I'm thinking the easiest way would be to use a push/pull cable for this. I thought this would be more common, but I get zero results when searching the net.

Would this cause ridability issues or safety issues? I think it would probably be okay, but really want to do a sanity check before I incorporate it. I really want to stick with it because the lowered seat looks AWESOME!!!!
There are all sorts of radiator options if you're willing to use one from other bikes. Look into something like a Honda Superhawk or RC51. They use two small side-mounted radiators instead of the front mount. You could potentially use one of the side-mounted radiators under the tail with an electric fan to keep air moving.

You don't want to put the foot pegs on the swingarm. Why would you want your feet to move around while riding? Bad idea. If you're dead set on having the foot controls that far back, you're going to have to fabricate a plate coming off the main frame section.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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