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Chalkboard black paint, and a Jolt Cola Bottle

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Presenting, a picture of my paint (requested by Adam), and the coolant bottle I made today out of a can of Jolt. Punch a hole in the bottom, put in a threaded brass fitting, install nut on inside, tighten, coat with silicon. TADA waterproof!. Install hose clamps, route hose, attach to frame with hose clamps, done! Oh yeah, the little rods, are for structural strength so the can doesn't deform.

And yes, I know, the bike is filthy (LOOK AT THAT DUST!), but it's in a shop, with no rear end on it...and I don't want it shiny lol. I also have to apply a few more coats of paint, that's only one coat. I want 4-5 so its harder.

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that is cool the jolt is funny i was thinkin of doing one outta a monster cola bottle
green lantern where ya from i dont live to far from calgary either
hey now my f4i will keep up no prob either i will be way ahead just cause the bike is so damn loud no one likes to ride beside me
or behind for that matter
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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