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courtesy of the one, the oNLY, SKRoOZLOOSE!

skr00zloose said:
your black box is fine greenie. they either work, or they don't. the fact that it started at all tells me it's ok.

sounds to me like you have a charging system problem. there's only 3 parts of a charging system. first things first, check the plug with the 3 yellow wires in it that goes from the stator to the voltage regulator. i see alot of them (including my 954's once) get corroded, which builds up alot of heat, and the plug melts.

if the plug is fine, here's how you check the charging system.

1. - with the bike running, put a voltmeter across the battery terminals. when you run the bike up to about 3k-4k rpm, the voltage should go up with rpm. should be around 13.5 volts at about 3500rpm. if it's low, or not rising with rpm, you have a charging system problem.

2. again, with the bike running, put a voltmeter across any combination of the 3 yellow wires from the stator (without the stator plugged in) the voltmeter should be on AC voltage. you should get the same reading on any combination of the 3 wires. if you don't get the same reading, or one doesn't read anything, the stator has a break in one of the windings.
while you're there, shut the bike off, and check for continuity to ground from any of the 3 yellow wires. there should be no continuity from any of the 3 yellow wires to ground. if there is, the stator is shorted. if it's reading fine, you either have a crap battery, or more than likely, a crap voltage regulator. honda voltage regulators SUCK and dump quite often.

3. - put a good charge on the battery and test it with a load tester (auto parts store can do this for you if you don't have a load tester)
if it doesn't test good replace it.

4. - once you know you have a good battery and a good stator, recheck the voltage across the battery with the bike running like in step 1, if it's still not charging, replace the regulator.

just be warned, when one part of the charging system "goes", sometimes it takes out other parts in the process, so you may need more than one part.

the reason your gauges turn off and the fi light comes on is probably because the charging system isn't woprking, and the bike is running just off the battery. it'll only run right as long as the battery holds a charge. once the charge starts to drop off, there's not enough voltage to run the fi system correctly, or the guages (or the lights, or anything else for that matter), and the bike won't have enough juice to restart once it shuts off.

whoever told you you need a $1400 computer should be smacked. like i said, a black box replacement is a last resort. even if you had to replace EVERY part in the charging system, it woulnd't cost you $1400, even with labor.

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werd, thanks!
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