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ok well, hypothetical question: you're going around a corner at reasonable speed and your front sprocket falls the fuck off then your chain wedges itself between your swinger and a rear sprocket stud WHILE LEANED OVER!!! and locks your rear wheel up, what do you do.... well, the answer is get up off the ground and make sure you are okay, then pick up your bike and try to push it out of the road, it wont move, so you look at the drive train, and you see that your chain is wedged, jamming your wheel, and while you are leaning over looking at it, you see your front sprocket on the road and know what the hell just happened, well then you call your brother and get him to bring some tools and you ghetto engineer the sprocket back on there with the tools that he forgot to bring half of what you told him to, then go to work, with your hip, arm, and both legs sore........ well thats not hypothetical, thats what happened to me today, so im drinking a bottle of wine.... haha MORAL OF THIS STORY: always check your torque on your bolts... ALL of them.... and dont be an idiot

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Wolfman said:
Maybe you should find a safer hobby
what can i say, I does what I likes and I likes what I do... haha, but my only sreious injury includes my left foot broke in 5 places in the wreck where i wasnt looking where i was going.... other than that, just scrapes and bruises....

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1 My first day ever riding a bike, I tried to take a 90 degree left turn. thought i could bicycle it by just turning the bars (didn't know bout leaning) and slid it sideways, just missing a fire hydrant. (550gs)

2 crashed into a deer going 40mph:wtf: :confused: , flipped off the bike and got 5 stitches in my knee. bike had a wrecked headlight and a bashed engine cover (fixed with jb weld)

3 cars all stopped, screeching there tires, I stopped, but the rapid stop caused me to lose balance and I dropped it after I had stopped. Injury was a jab to my pride:mad: .

4 crashed halfway back from nebraska to nh:( . it had just rained, a car cut me off while I was going 80. Jammed on the brakes and down I went. slid for a long time. I had enough time sliding to put my hand down and think, ouch that hurts, pick my hands up and dig in my hills so I would slow down with a tumble. Had some serious burns bubbles on the palms of my hand. Picked my bike up, bent the clip on back so it would steer enough to finish the trip.

5 decided to learn how to do power wheelies after changing some sprockets on my fzr. did a couple and then decided to show off to my friends in front of my house. I lifted the front and got scared, bounced it really hard and the rear end slid out. I then proceeded to slide shoulder first into a metal fence. off the bike for 2 months with a stretched (2 inches) ligament on my collar bone.

I have not crashed while owning my zr7( knock on wood):party-smiley:

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LoL, seems like most mechanics just tighten it till it's tight, then a little more and a little more after that.

Only time you see a torque wrench out is for axles or sprockets. Sometimes engine mounts... sometimes not.

As for wrecks? I hit some ice while braking... doing about 50kmh. Back end slid out I highsided (made the stupid mistake of looking down instead of correcting like I should have). And ended up fracturing my right elbow, dislocating my left shoulder (found out when I accidently popped it back in taking off my jacket), and massive road rash to my right knee. Still have the scar three years later.

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enrico vespa said:
this musta been the fastest thread-jack in history.... 1 post later we go from torque to accident stats.

Back to torque. I usually hand tighten stuff, BUT when it comes to things that move, I make sure I get that torque wrench out.
my front sprocket has a metal backing that you bend one corner on it to make sure it doesn't turn off. Lock tight or whatever that stuff is that holds bolts in helps too. I have had my front peg section rattle loose a couple of times while driving that made it real hard to shift until I got home and put a new hex bolt in.

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A few years ago, I was riding down to FL. I was going threw Orlando just befor rush hour. The week befor I had changed my sprockets. The bolt that holds the FT sprocket on snaped off in the countershaft. I made a quick fix of it and welded the sprocket on. Well it decided to let go on the freeway. Thankfully the chain was able to keep rolling. Had to run out into the middle of I4 to retriev my sprocket though. Managed to slip it back in place and make it off the freeway and had a buddy come pick me up to fix it.

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Glad yer OK, for the most part.

Before I learned proper maintenance, the chain slack on my first bike, a '94 EX500, was so bad it actually slid off the sprocket while I was turning a corner. I kept it up and stopped, and was able to slip the chain back on till I got home - thankfully, two blocks away.

Wrecks? Um, dropped the same bike a few times while practicing in parking lots (after failing the MSF course), but never since. Well, I dropped my last bike, a CBR F3, while pushing it into the warehouse I work at, but that's because I slipped on something.

I also got hit by a car on the EX500 in my first few months, but the front bumper really just toppled me over (I avoided alot of damage by doing some evasive maneuvers). Just last week, on the Bandit, I got hit by a pickup truck I tried avoiding but then he blocked me off, however I just got a bum leg out of that (all better now) and a cracked mirror. I kept the bike up again. The truck faired worse - sideview mirror busted off with my shoulder, paint on fender rubbed off with my leg!

Anyway, two accidents in 4 years of daily riding, about 80K miles, I think I'm doin' alright.

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Ill be honest, I only use my torque wrench for engine parts (intake manifolds, heads, valve covers etc.) For drive train parts, I have someone grab the rear brake for me while I tighten a front sprocket down.

As for crashes- I high sided my ZX7R coming out of a turn too hot on the throttle. I also dropped the ZX in my buddys driveway, my pant leg got caught on the passenger peg as I swung my leg over, causing me to fall, and my bike to fall on me.

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3: 2 of which were on track:

1. Track...went into a left too fast...ended up in grass...touched front brake, tucked the front and slid on the harm, but a broken stock shift lever.

2. Blew a decreasing radius right turn..ended up on white line on other side of road...caught the gravel, and bike slipped/fell to the left....with me in between it and a very steep muddy hill. Nuttin wrong, but the leathers got dirty.

3. Bad highside at the track...tight left...draggin knee......rear starts to slide.....made mistake of chopping throttle....DZ goes flying. Broken right femur, messed up left shoulder.....some leather rash, cracked helmet...bruised DZ head.....outta work for 3 moths..had to sell track bike. (( I never wanna highside again)):skrooz:

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not counting any times dumping the bike while stunting in a parking lot, and countless falls on dirtbikes:

- lowsided going into turn 1 at VIR (south course)

-highsided my 7/12 after i put a rock RIGHT between my headers, into the oil pan, dumping oil all over my rear tire mid-turn at about 60mph, right into an 8' ditch. that sucked.

- nasty headshake on my first hawk gt spit me off the bike and into the grass

- rear ended a stopped SUV when i went to go around a semi in the right lane , didn't see the SUV stopped to make a left turn. slid the bike sideways and hit the back of said SUV broadside.

- flipped a wheelie back in the day when my foot missed the rear brake at about 60mph. landed on my feet. i can't quite run that fast, so i immediatly went face first into the concrete. that's when i gave up on higher speed stunting and started doing it in parking lots at slow speeds.

oh, and i highsided my last hawk gt in a parking lot at walking speeds. came into the lot (which was filled with sportbikes) a lil hot, slammed the back brake being a dumbass trying to slide into a parking spot, got it a lil to far sideways, and highsided. landed on my feet, picked the bike up, restarted it, and drove away. that was embarassing.

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on my bike i do the german method ( :D ) I just make em goot en tight. then a little more. gotta be careful and think about what your torquing bolt your torquing and what your torquing with, drive size. I've sheared the head right off 8mm's like nothing with my 1/4 inch drive even. gotta be able to FEEL what your doing.
other peoples bikes, i look up the specs online and get out the torque wrench. i have the fly wrench kind not the clicky one. my old school mentor told me not to fuck with the clicky one, so i could see what im doing. im not trying to get sued cuz i didnt tighten someones bike up right when trying to help them out.

as far as wrecks...i dont know if theres enough space on the web for my list!


4 times (not counting dirtbikes, cuz i couldnt count that if i tried)

1. Loopage: got my stunt 929 off my buddy for dirt cheap. fixed it up. changed sprockets. mtd dirtbike bars. put it on a trailer and went to the spot. started doing wheelies. . . had it in 2nd instead of 3rd...came up too scared and forgot about back brake, dropped my right foot off to balance. fall off bike and twist throttle on the way off...helping the bike to do a COMPLETE back flip in the air and land directly on the front end, snapping a fork completely in half (this video can be seen at in the videos section...adam crashes or something)
-no injuries to me...tuck and roll baby
-snapped a fork in half. snapped a tripple. broken lever. concrete stuck in my ignition. fucked up plastics got more fucked up. and PERFECTLY dented stunt tank went to complete shit.

2. sandbagged: going down a back road, more that double the limit.... blind left hander 3foot patch of sand on my side of the yellow line. didnt wanna go into oncoming lane b/c of blind turn. managed to get it up and around the patch but caught the right edge of the road which had some sand as well. adam, meet the highside. i was lucky enough to land in a pile of leaves, with a few trees to my right and a PILE OF ROCKS to my left. LUCK is not the word!
-no real injuries sustained. just hurt my pride.
-bike did a total once over so i successfully scratched every panel and broke a few. upper cracked in half. new cf windscreen got all fucked up. etc.

2. Loopage pt.II: freshly 'fightered' (stripped b/c of prev. story) and ready to reak havoc. went on a street ride during the summer nationals with some stuntas and friends. turns out some kids can slow down wheelies better than I. 3 kids doing spreaders in front of me at like 30 - staggerd standup in 2nd (stock bike) balanced at about 45....need to slow down comes up quick. I leaned back to slow a bit more as stepping on the brake. turns out i was already all the way back. stuff my pipe and rear end into the pavement and repeat previous looping experience. TUCK AND ROLL. rolling in 4 lanes of traffic on a saturday night during the summer nationals...not a good idea. however the image of me rolling down the pavement with my bike doing syncronised cartwheels in front of me, must have looked pretty crazy. esp to the oncoming traffic i thought i was gonna get hit by.
-no real injuries. wacked the side of my knee pretty good tho.
-snapped tripple. another fucked up gastank. both rims TOTALLY FUCKED. new tires...gone to shit.

4. Distracted: I was doing my thing on the 600rr. (929 was unrideable b/c of loopage pt. II) im moving thru traffic in 4th taped on a 2 lane highway. merge onto the next highway move thru some cars, pass a bike. thinking nothing of it. actually thinking...hey my gas lights bliking, i better get off at the next exit. well, the sportbike i passed didnt like that i passed him apparently. so he comes flying up next to me to race or something but we're coming to traffic again so im think does he really wanna go? so i do the moves thru the cars and keep going leaving him behind a van...then realizing that van is coming up to the exit i wanted, so i could go get gas. NEED GAS NEXT EXIT IS FAR FAR! so i move over two lanes when im doing easy 100+ gettin hard on the brakes, rear ends gettin a little squirly but i let off and get back on. repeat. thinking im fine. standard procedure. well i forgot i was on THE BUMPIEST offramp on all of rt. 2. so i dont wanna commit to the turn b/c i dont want to highside again ( i already learned how fun that was). so at the last second when i slowed down all i could, i decided to go strait. jump the curb. land in the grass. try brakes. get squirly. feel bike gettin ready to flip. bail into the grass at last second. roll, again in sync, with the bike and land on the on ramp. in front of a limo. who then starts beeping at me. i stand up. throw my arms up to tell mr. limo to STFU for a sec. check myself out. look around for parts. check the bike. pick up my blinker. put it in my pocket. start bike. ride away.
-no real injury. might hit a rock in the dirt, but just bruised.
-blinker snapped off. Lpeg snapped off so i rode home wiht no peg trying to shift. cracks and damages to fairings.

okay. i'll shut up now. i learned last season that im actually, contrary to what i thought, NOT superman. so. i think i'll stay within my limits this year and keep my head to a size where it fits in my helmet. humility check. yep.

hahaa. good thread.

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when i didnt pay attention i ran off the road and into a ditch and hit a sign and a wall. somehow i dislocated both of my knees while tearing both acls both pcls both mcls both medial maniscuses, my right lcl, and my right posterior maniscus(or somethin like that)
yeah... im layin in bed right now cuz i had surgery on my left knee last wednesday. at least i got percocets and some money to order stuff for my bike.

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Other than the odd letting the bike fall over by accident, I have only 1 spill on my record.

It was my first time leading a group ride and I was way too full of myself. Entered a curve way too hot, paniced, and highsided at about 60mph or so. Bike and I went off into the ditch. I thought I was ok until I went to pick up the bike and found my right shoulder was givin me nothing. Found out my collarbone was in 4 pieces. Took 3 surgerys and I still have a grotesque lump.
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