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Cheers from Poland

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Hi all,
I'm G3d, 28yo from Poland.

I ride since a couple of years, had some tourists, sports, recently fallen into supermoto.

I like to buy cheap, tweak, ride, sell, buy cheap... repeat ;)

So here are my last 2 projects [i need to mention, i'm doing all that stuff with much help from my GF: ex. DRZ graphics, but also mechanics]:

DRZ 400 Y before:

DRZ after:

WR 450F before:

and after:

I like to wheelie/stopie/stairs/terrorize shit out of the bikes.

Recently we bought 7/11, because we can't ride sumo together.

All [well - most] marks on heaven&earth says its 1989 750 with 1989 gsxf engine.
As for now we're stripping it down a bit, checking all the stuff and will ride it till winter with no bigger mods. In winter it's gonna be total granade_in_tank teardown, painting, cut&weld action.

Well.... Just HI ALL :)
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welcom in mate fine intro and awesom pics :D
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G'day mate!

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pics of girlfriend


oh yeah, welcome to CF
There she is ;D

Lemme send ya this one ta try out mate ;)

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