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Clubs in Dallas

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Does anyone know of any streetfighter clubs in the Dallas area...where i must add... it's going to be 75 degrees today!!!!
Riding will ensue!!!!
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enrico vespa said:
Clubs that are strickly Streetfighters seem rare to non existant in the US, at least here in the NYC area. Seem all the sposrt bike clubs are fairing bikes and a few stunters on streetfighters. Nothing strickly Streetfighter.

isn't there a streetfighter specialty store in NYC? i remember talking to a guy a while back on cycleforums that ran a shop up that way. he was building some pretty trick stuff from what i remember.
i'd start a club here, but i know of only one other person around here that's into serious 'fighters. (MOVE, speak up here!). other than him and i, everyone else like's there bikes minty showroom fresh.

no style.. i swear. typical southern sportbikers, they like long, low, and blingin'.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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