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Clubs in Dallas

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Does anyone know of any streetfighter clubs in the Dallas area...where i must add... it's going to be 75 degrees today!!!!
Riding will ensue!!!!
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Clubs that are strickly Streetfighters seem rare to non existant in the US, at least here in the NYC area. Seem all the sposrt bike clubs are fairing bikes and a few stunters on streetfighters. Nothing strickly Streetfighter.
skr00zloose said:
isn't there a streetfighter specialty store in NYC? i remember talking to a guy a while back on cycleforums that ran a shop up that way. he was building some pretty trick stuff from what i remember.
Yeah, your either talking about or crankitcycles

AJ, the guy that runs xpo is a pretty cool guy to talk to. Unlike alot of other spots, he actually has alot of the parts advertised displayed right in the shop. So it's not like you have to wait for it to come over from across the pond and then wait again to get it rerouted to you.

But even though there's a shop, there isn't any MC's strictly streetfighters.....

.... unless Adam wants to officially start one:rock:

Germany on the other hand has a gazillion streetfighter MC's. Wait, are we talking about Streetfighter MC's or just clubs.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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