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Clutch Hub Paint?

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Ok I got a Windows Clutch casing thinking of painting the HUB its self, any Ideas what would last not be effected by the hot oil ...Im not sure that I wanna Powder coat it because Ive got a design using more than one colour. :)
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High temp paint?
Like engine Case Paint?
I guess, or grill paint. There's also multipurpose high temp paint you can get in any colors you like.
whats the design?

You will be limited in the designs that you can do, but, you can powder coat something more than one color. Its time consuming and if you're having someone else do the powder coating, expensive.

Id just hate to have to pull the clutch apart if the paint didn't hold up. Not to mention paint flakes gunking up my oil :(
Just a thought.How about anodising???No danger of paint flaking into oil etc.
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