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I'm looking at converting my '90 VFR 750 from coil packs to coil over plugs.

I have a line on a set of COP's from a 04' Honda CBR F4i.

Question is, will these put out enough spark for the VFR?

Does anybody know the voltage info on them?
(I'm still looking but haven't got too much info yet)

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ok, here is what you need, go to a auto-recycling center (think junk-yard, for the non politically correct like me) and look for a 99-up ford escort zx2

what you want to get is the coil pack, the plug wires, and the electrical pig tail that goes to the coil pack(dont worry about the little capacitor mounted on the side of the bracket, or the bracket itself, they have no purpose, or need on the bike)

you will also need about a foot of 3/4"wide by 1/8" thick alluminum stock from lowes/home depot/whereever

also, get a set of universal plug wires from a parts store (i highly reccomend the acell 300+ wires, with the "vari-angle boots", cause they are a little extra long on the boot ends, and easier to work with)

pull out the stock coils, noting that cylinders are numbered 1-4 from left to right when sitting on the bike, now, clip the wire plugs off your stock coils while leaving enough to solder to later on in the install
the fzr connectors will have 2 wires each, while the ford connector will only have 3, this is cause the red wire with the white chaser on the fzr connectors is the 12+ power supply to each coil, i just spliced them together for ease of installation
now, the ford coil will have 3 wires, red w/green is the 12+ power supply, while the red w/light blue is the ground for cyl 2&3, the blue w/green is the ground for cylinder1&4
make your wire connections acccordingly, bust by using both solder, and shrink tube
plug the stock connectors back into the harness, and your done on this end

to male the mount, o marked the mounting holes on the coil pack, and then drilled them into the alluminum stock, and used nuts, and bolts to bolt it together, but!!! have to put washers, or something between the bracket, and the coil to space it up like 1/8" cause it has a slight lip on the bottom

now, to make your wires......................
the ford coil has a somewhat unique terminal on the coil end of the plug wire, this is why i said to get the plug wires that were on the coil from the "donor"

cut the original plug wires close to the end of the boots, on the coil end, and then spray some armor all, or similar INSIDE the coil boot, where the metal terminal is and let it soak in for like 30 min.

get some needle nose pliers, and GENTLY pull the terminal out of the boot, then spread it open on the crimped end, and pull out what is left of the old wire

get your new wires, and figure out the length you are going to need, and add about 3 inches to each, before you cut it, just to give you some "wiggle room"

spray some more armorall inside the boot, and gently work the new wire into the coil boot, then strip the outer jacket back about 3/4" and re-crimp the old terminal onto it, then carefully slide the whole mess back into the boot

look at the 2 bolts that mount your filler neck to the frame, and drill 2 holes in your brackets the same size, and spacing, and pass the bolts through the brackets, throught the neck, and into the frame

DOH!!! i forgot to tell you, you will have to "dig up" 4 of the little ends that screw on to the ends of the spark plugs where the wire goes on, cause you now have "automotive" style wire terminals on the plug wires, dont worry tho, most of the time, if you go to a parts store they will just give em to ya, cause about half of the ngk/bosch/nippondenso plugs have extras in the box to cover 2 different styles, either will work, just screw em on snug, and put just a dab of vaseliene, or better yet, real dieelectric grease on the ends of the plugs to keep the boots from sticking

and there you go!!!

if you wanna buy a new coil, instead of a salvage, have it looked up for a 2k escort zx2, and you will be good to go, and the new one is like 40-45 bux

now, youre gonna have some wires left over from the plug wire set, so you might see if you can have the universal 4 cylinder set ordered in for you (its just that everybody keeps sets for v-8 motors in the store

give it a try, i LOVE mine, and i can open up the plug gaps to .045", really helps smooth out the idle a bit cause it has more "spark area" for a more complete burn
pm me if ya have ?s or need help

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Just to let you know, that coil is fairly universal across Fords. The 4.6L before the COP had the 4 tower coil, and you can get MSD coils for them if you were so inclined.

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What is the primary resistance of the Ford coil? Most Yamaha and Honda use 2.2 ohm primary, whereas Suzuki and Kawasaki tend to use 3.0 ohm primary resistance. I use Dynatek ignitions on all of my builds, and the matching coils for the application, but the space saving of the double coil could be useful. Dynatek supply a similar product but only for use with the Dyna4000 race ignition and not the Dyna 'S' or Dyna2000 systems.
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