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Well it's been a while.
I haven't been properly active here since early 2010, hope not too much has changed.

The last few years have been bike free sadly. I've been through university and needed a car to ferry around guitars and amps, so a bike wasn't really an option. Well I've come out with my degree in automotive engineering and bagged a decent job so finally the funds are there to get back on two wheels.

I've got my old rf600 which will be stripped of everything that doesn't make it go, stop & turn. That'll be used as a track day hack. nothing that interesting.

I've been fancying a cafe as a daily rider for a while, so when an unfinished project cx500 came up super cheap on eBay, i jumped on it.
I won't be able to pick the bike up until next week, but i'm raring to get started, so i'll update this with some pictures as I get them. Here's the advert photos.

The aim is to just make it as simple and clean as possible.

Obviously theres a fair bit of work needed.
First thing will be to sort out the frame. I'm thinking just trim back that open lower tube flush and plate/smooth it.

I'm not sure how I feel about the tail. It looks like a decent bit of fabrication... but it's not mine.

All of the wiring is going to be hidden, routed through the frame where possible. Gel battery mounted probably under the swingarm. I'll be using a lot of 3d printed parts for non-structural brackets, mounts..... and anything I can fit into a 200mm cubed build volume.
Have already started designing a couple of bits for it.

I'll get some better plans together once i actually get the bike.
watch this space

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