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Want to run a compression test on the engine, which is in a stand. Hooked up the big fat black engine ground wire to the neg bat terminal, the starter to the selenoid, and the big fat red wire to the pos terminal of the battery. Put a jump wire across the selenoid trigger, nothing happened. Jump wire brushed across the actual power contacts, I get sparks plus the starter spins (and the jump wire gets hot).

So, I can see a couple options:

1) I don't know how my selenoid works (there's a plug next to the red wire I don't know the use of, assume its something that goes to an always hot circuit).

2) The contacts for the selenoid control were coroded and I didn't actually close the circuit

3) ????

Can post picture if it will help

Hmm, posting this now I feel pretty dumb, should at least have pulled out a power probe and continuity tester.
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