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Confederate Wraith: I'd call it a streetfighter

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Confederate B120 Wraith. I'd call it a streetfighter. Powered by a 120 cu American V twin. Still seems to be able to corner nicely though. I love the single sided swingarm. There is a nice picture gallery here:

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Confederate's bikes are so strange. We were talking about the Hellcat a couple months ago. People seem to be divided on it. I guess I'd have to rail on one to figure if I liked it or not.

I definitely like the weirdness :D
Just wish the wheels were as weird as the rest of the bike.
or some magnesium GPZs with a perimeter brake
I'm sure it could be built, it doesn't look too complicated. Basically a take on how BMW does some of their front ends.

Some bikes on here do the bare metal. Mine has a lot of it and Britjoe's is basically all bare metal.
That primary would eat a hole in my shin on the first ride.
All the more inspiration for me to build a bike from the frame up.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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