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Cool idea for header-building

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I've seen these before on the choppa show. I remember them being really expensive. Cool idea though.
I was working on making a few of these clamps a while back but stopped because I got rid of the project bike. Not sure where they are in the garage now.

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ya those been out for years. crazy expensive though. not worth it unless you build exhausts for a living.
That's really cool. Would come in really handy atm for my turbo slabby build.
I reckon they'd melt?
I reckon they'd melt?
They are used to mock up your exhaust routing and then you mimic it in steel not to use as your actual exhaust.
I reckon they'd melt?

im laughing at you, not with u btw
Yeah, the set is stupid expensive, not to mention the software that it pairs with.

Fairly easy item to knock off via 3D printing, maybe with the improvement that you can print up whatever radius / angle combos you like, with ends that plug together. Could save printing on parts by making plugs that fit in the end of PVC pipe and mate to your curves.

Then again, maybe its a more complicated than I'm thinking... because I'm basically thinking "tubular Legos".

Those claps are pretty sweet, but again, look a bit $$$ for what you get. Couple of hose clamps bridged together would work. Or for the light stuff we use on bikes, aluminum tape, cutting away the sections where you want to tack weld.
Personally I just freehand that ish lol. Just know where you want the exhaust to end and tack on one piece at a time till ya get there lol
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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