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Just a list of custom add ons for fighters these days...I am posting a couple that I know and have done well. I will post up pictures later on when I get a chance!

If you have any tight ideas or tricks, post up a reply with info and any pics available on here... sort of a compilation list of stuff!

- LED Turn Signals:
I took a tail under fairing, drilled some 2mm holes down each side about 1/2 inch apart on each side, and have 12 holes total. Started the holes right at the tip of the tail light so it goes around the sides of tail light. Smoothed and cambered the holes around the edges. Then I took some 2mm led lights (white/burning red) and put them on a strip inside the tail unit mounted my zipties. Then put a clear plastic strip inside as well with stickglue so the holes would be un-open to air and shit. Then wired it all up, and tried it, looks sick. Lights are bright enough for day and night. You could even instead of holes, cut a strip down each side, make star cutouts, whatever to match your fighter!

- Molded in Tank Speedo
So I didn't want to buy a new speedo and this is for all you guys not wanting to spend a lot of money on parts to get your fighter looking great!

I took some molding clay, and put it all around my speedo once it was mounted in place above the gas tank. Then I crafted and shaped it into a nice smooth surface flowing into the tank. Now when you do this, bee sure you let about a 3mm-5mm gap between the top edge of the speedo and the edge of the clay. Try and use straight edges when molding... a rounder edge will cause more trouble later on!
***Note, make sure the speedo can be completely removed after the clay is set because you will need to pull off the whole thing.

After that, make sure the bottom touching edges are nice and smooth and shaped to fit onto the bike tank. Then using some kind of solid tape, put it around the molding, along with masking paper or paint sheeting to protect the tank from the next step.

Then go to your local hardware store and they should have some kind of moldable liquid plastic or even just use any kind of gel or cover that hardens to good heat resistant strength and you'll be good. Then go to your house and have a beer cuz this will be the annoying part. Using a hairdryer or a heat gun, apply the gel/liquid/whatever and put it on the molding clay and drying it little section by little. Do not just pour on the stuff, you will have wasted your entire time doing this step wrong!

After you have the entire molding covered, let it dry the allotted time stated on the packaging. After drying is complete and it is set solid, remove the speedo from the tank top and proceed to remove the set molding away from the clay. If you get stuck because it won't come off, don't be afraid to give it a little pressure or bend it a tad bit and the clay will come off nicely! Even use a thin knife and it will peel off without breakage!

Then what you should have left is a nice semi-smooth plastic/whatever textured molding of a speedo attatchment holster. Make sure you smooth out the section where the wires come out from behind if you have it set up that way! Then just sand down if needed, and then the rest is paint, glue and set.

I used some liquid cement to put the speedo into the top, and glued it around the inside edges and let it rest, then for the holster to tank application, use some good strength liquid cement, or even 3m plastiq glue I found, (very strong) and attatch to the tank. And there you have it. A custom molded bracket/holster for your stock or even aftermarket speedo!

Like I said, these are just some ideas I have done and anybody else want to post up their ideas or tricks, go for it. Would be nice for future references, and even beginner fighter builders to see what their options are!

Thanx guys and hope this is all legit and is ok for this thread!
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