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Yamaha Thunderace 1000

A few minor customisations to change the apperance otherwise standard

Brand new rear suspension fitted in August 2018

MOT until August 2019


Tyres and brakes all good

Owned 8 months just as a 2nd bike to use when visiting family in Wiltshire.
In my ownership its been treated with...
Brand new:
Rear suspension spring and damper
Handle bar grips and bar ends
Brake and clutch levers
All fuel lines replaced
Air filter
and fuel filter
Headlight connected by TWS vehicle wiring in Cirencester
and a full fairing off mother of all cleans

Customisations include:

Headlight fairing replaced with supermoto light,
Clocks removed
Custom fabricated tops of side fairings
Shortened tail section
Aftermarket exhaust can.

Comes with standard number plate needed for the next MOT
That'll be all you need.
(My main bike 'FJ1200' is customised in the same way. Never a problem MOT time)

Always run on best grade fuels available
Chain regularly cleaned and regreased
All moving parts regularly checked and oiled

Being used regularly all over London plus once a month I go to Swindon and back (approx 200 miles) there is never any issues.
The fairing is strong and the engine runs great

Previous owner to me barely used it but I bought it planning to use it lots so the running of the engine and mechanical quality were important.
Everything has been checked and double checked. All the filters and and fuel lines are new on the bike.
Its perfectly usable!

Reg is X408NFC youre welcome to check the history of the bike.
Be weary of sellers who hide number plates when selling a vehicle

Mature owner! No stunts, track days etc.

It gets lots of attention and compliments from people on the street!

Only selling due to planned move to japan in June
A great bike for very little money

Great fun and ready for the summer!

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